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Truro Chamber of Commerce

Cape Cod, Massachusetts


From Castle Hill To Corn Hill…One Hill of a Day in Truro

Breakfast & back roads. Twisting around Truro     In the last blog, which was actually the first blog, I explained the reasoning behind my unquenchable fascination with Truro, Massachusetts. The kick to my Truro adventures went better than expected when...

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Meeting Truro: A Local Cape Codder’s Outer Cape Adventures…

Meeting Truro: A Local Cape Codder’s Outer Cape Adventures…

"Dear Truro, I'm sorry...It's not you, it's me."  We’ll start the very first Truro Chamber of Commerce blog with some introductions. Me? I’m Tommy, but the name’s not important, but what might be worth noting is that I am not on the Truro Chamber of Commerce staff....

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New Website Launch

Welcome to our NEW and IMPROVED website. Please check back as we add more posts to our blog.

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Visit the Truro Chamber of Commerce Information Booth - Route 6 at Head of the Meadow Road in North Truro - 508.487.1288

“We saw the sunset in the Bay, -- for standing on that narrow Cape was, as I have said, like being on the deck of a vessel... this sight drove everything else quite out of our heads... the shining torch of the sun fell into the ocean.”

Henry David Thoreau