Truro Chamber of Commerce

Truro Chamber of Commerce

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Plan Your Trip

Deciding to go on a vacation is the first step. Next comes trying to pick the perfect time and place. We offer links to many different accommodation options, as well as an events section so you can plan around local festivals and events that interest you. We want you to make the most of your time during your visit to Truro, MA so please explore online and then contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like to request a Truro Brochure.

Packing for your trip doesn’t need to be complicated. We are pretty laid back on Cape Cod. We have included some sample packing lists below to make it easier. As always, if you have any questions before you arrive or while you are in Truro, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Truro Chamber of Commerce. We are here to help!

Sample Spring Packing List

Shorts and Long Pants
Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Shirts
Light Jacket, Raincoat & Umbrella
Sunscreen & Bug Spray
Binoculars & Camera
Walking/Hiking Shoes

Sample Fall Packing List

Long Pants and Long Sleeve Shirts
Beach Chair and Beach Blanket
Lightweight Jacket or Sweatshirt
Sunscreen & Bug Spray
Binoculars & Camera
Walking/Hiking Shoes

Sample Summer Packing List

Swimsuit and Beach Towel
Shorts and T-shirts
Lightweight long pants and shirts
Sandals and Walking/Hiking shoes
Sunscreen & Bug Spray
Hat & Beach Umbrella
Beach Chair & Beach Blanket

Featured Events

Independence Day Parades and Fireworks, July 4th multi-town
Truro Library’s Gigantic Book Sale, First Saturday in August
Eastham Windmill Weekend, early September
Truro Agricultural Fair, First Sunday in September
Truro Treasures, last weekend of September.
Wellfleet Oyster Fest, first weekend after Columbus Day, October

Visit the Truro Chamber of Commerce Information Booth - Route 6 at Head of the Meadow Road in North Truro - 508.487.1288

“We saw the sunset in the Bay, -- for standing on that narrow Cape was, as I have said, like being on the deck of a vessel... this sight drove everything else quite out of our heads... the shining torch of the sun fell into the ocean.”

Henry David Thoreau